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Character Industry Intensive

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Make connections. Develop the skills. Build a career.

Intensive program starts Tuesday, July 10th (pre-class prep starts upon registration!)
Prerequsite: Approval required; please fill out the application located here as soon as possible for consideration.
Strictly limited to 6 students

My Character Industry Intensive is like nothing I’ve put together before—and, due to the nature of some of what I’m including, like nothing I’ll ever do again. I am fortunate enough to be able to put together a combination of on-mic classes, local industry events, and focused guidance to help you make significant career progress in a relatively short amount of time.

You’ll develop your skills both on- and off-mic, with on-mic, in-studio training focusing specifically on character work for different media, business/industry classes focusing on effective networking and marketing strategies, and out in the “real world” putting it all to work right away.

You’ll build connections that don’t feel forced or fake, but are authentic and natural—and can lead to lifelong opportunities in your chosen field.

You’ll learn what happens behind the scenes in an exclusive tour of a well-known local animation studio....and develop a foolproof method for building your voiceover resume by creating your own work for yourself.

You’ll develop a regular method for reinforcing your dedication to regular involvement in this industry, in a way that is sustainable, beneficial, affordable, and even fun!

Finally, instead of just developing theoretical skills and knowledge, you'll be putting it to practical use, with LA as your campus for this one-of-a-kind learning opportunity, using what you've learned at animation/film festival screenings, local game industry events, and topping it all off with an EXCLUSIVE demo night/mixer just for this class with local animators, game developers, audio professionals and others in the entertainment/media industries here in LA!

AND...if you follow everything I teach can finish the class with your first (or next) professional VO credit, using your ideas of a story, characters, and type of project that best showcase YOUR voice to be able to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk…and show people exactly what you can do! (Check out a game I made to demonstrate this concept, and to see your instructor walk the walk herself! ;) )

In this intensive, you’ll get…

Please note that you DO need to be approved by me to enroll in this class; once you've submitted your payment for the class, I will review your materials to determine if you're an appropriate fit. If I decide that you are not, I will promptly issue a full refund. (If you would prefer to clear this with me before enrolling, please feel free to shoot me an email.)

Class dates: TBA Class time: Varies as indicated above; generally 6:30-9PM. Some events will start before and/or end after the class does "officially" and you will derive maximum benefit from staying longer, but can still benefit if you can only attend 6:30-9PM. (***Please note that we will only be meeting for EIGHT of the above nine dates; final schedule will be contingent on schedules of those participating.)
Class location:Varies as indicated above. Specific class locations are shared with registered students only once they have registered.
Prerequsite: Approval required; please fill out the application located here as soon as possible for consideration.

Personal note from Melanie: Those who work with me know that some of the most important components to a successful career in this industry are skill, connections, dedication, and passion. A healthy balance of these can yield beautiful results, but often, actors focus so much on developing their abilities through training (skills) that they neglect developing relationships with people with whom they can use them (connections). Or they KNOW that they want to act more than anything (passion), but go about achieving their goals in bits and chunks and squander their efforts, instead of developing a consistent approach to developing their careers (dedication). Others yet feel like they’re never ready to start, and keep waiting for the right opportunity...which never seems to come along.

I decided to form a class that would sidestep some of these issues entirely, and developed a foolproof method to solve the other ones. :) This class is a GREAT opportunity for those who want to immerse themselves in the industry and develop their careers--and have fun while doing it! =D

Discounts and special offers

I offer the following discounts and offers for this class:

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