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LTM Voiceover Classes

LTM Voiceover Workout Group (WOG) - Meets next on Sunday, 01/04/2015, 10:30AM - 12:30PM!

*Please note that any inquiries received between 4:00PM Friday night and 6:00PM Saturday night will be processed as soon after that time period as possible.

The LTM Voiceover Workout Group (WOG) is a great opportunity for voice actors of all levels of ability to try out new copy, workshop current projects, keep their skills in tip-top shape, and get feedback from each other in a comfortable environment. Everyone leaves with recordings of their work! Just getting started? A VO workout group is a great opportunity to get some honest feedback in a safe space. Seasoned pro? Be sure to keep your skills fresh between classes and before auditions; this VO workout group is the perfect place to do so. No matter where you are in your voiceover experience and training, a voiceover workout group is a cost-effective, fun and helpful way to get the regular practice you need.

WOG guidelines: Please read before attending a WOG!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at classes(at)

***Pending studio and instructor availability, if enrollment exceeds ten attendees, we will extend the workout group by an extra half-hour at no additional cost!

Class location: The Voiceover Studio at Ripley-Grier Studios (520 8th Avenue)
Tuition: $35 up to 48 hours before, $40 after that (less than 48 hours before online, and at the door)
Regular registration ยท Late registration
(Please be sure to use the "Late registration" link if it is less than 48 hours before a WOG or you will be required to pay the $5 late fee at the door!)

SUCCESS STORY! WOG regular Havilah McGinnis BOOKED the lead in a video game after workshopping her audition in a recent WOG! (UPDATE: Havilah just booked a VO role for an animated film after workshopping her audition in a recent WOG, putting her on a 2 for 2 streak! =D )

You may pay with PayPal or Chase QuickPay, the latter of which which does not charge any additional fees. You can sign up for Chase QuickPay here and send your payment to melanie(at) Your Chase QuickPay payment doubles as your registration, so please include your full name, email address and phone number in the notes of your payment!

If you have any questions, please email melanie(at)

Discounts and special offers

The following discounts and offers are available for the LTM Voiceover Workout Group:

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