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Create an awesome voiceover demo and get to work!

Demos by Melanie and her creative team
By approval ONLY

A voiceover demo is one of the most important tools a voice actor has to work with in their career. For this reason, it's important that your voiceover demo is of the very best quality it can be, professionally produced and focused on showcasing your strengths and appealing to your target market(s). We're happy to guide you through the entire demo production process and produce a voiceover demo that not only meets industry standard but also highlights YOUR strengths as an actor to use in your professional voiceover endeavors.

Voiceover demo production with LTM begins with a Voiceover Demo Assessment (included for FREE as part of our eight-week Commercial Foundations training program). In this assessment, you will record a selection of voiceover copy for us, which we will then review, along with other information we will have you provide. We will use this to provide specific feedback and determine whether it is appropriate for you to commit to producing a demo, or recommend an appropriate alternative course of action so you can take your next steps immediately either way.

Once you've been approved we'll get to work on your demo, which includes the following services:

You'll come out of the process with a fully-produced, professional-grade voiceover demo, to use to market yourself and your abilities to potential clients, representation and more!

As indicated, voiceover demo production is currently open only to LTM students with prior approval only. In other words: You MUST be working regularly with an LTM coach, and that coach AND Melanie must specifically approve you, in order to be eligible to create a demo with LTM. A demo should NOT be the first step in your career; it should come only once you are ready to work professionally and competitively in the NYC voiceover market, and your work on-mic reflects that. If you're a bit earlier on in your career and would like to improve your on-mic skills, learn how to use your demo and market yourself most effectively, please join us for one of our upcoming classes or sign up for a session with one of our awesome coaches.

If you're interested in making a voiceover demo with us, please contact us at

Meet the team behind your voiceover demo!

Melanie Ehrlich

Melanie Ehrlich (Head producer/voice director): Melanie is an actor, director, producer, and voice actor with 200+ voiceover credits to her name, including internationally-renowned clients like Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Apple and Japan Airlines. In addition to her performance work, she's the owner/CEO of Listen To Melanie (LTM), a production company that specializes in film and VO for animation and video games. She was the lead ADR director on the anime series Holy Knight, and fully cast and directed the voice acting for the upcoming video game Norse Noir. Melanie was named one of the Top 5 Best NYC Voiceover Coaches in the 2014 Backstage Readers' Choice Awards, and one of the Top FOUR in 2016! For more info, visit

Sam Haft

Sam Haft (Voice director): Sam Haft has been a professional NYC voiceover actor for 8 years, providing the voice for several dozen national commercial campaigns, for major clients including Hasbro, Doubletree, Honey Maid, Ruffles, and Samsung. He is an experienced voiceover coach and, having worked in advertising as well, brings unique actionable insights into what commercial clients are looking for. As a screen actor, he's appeared on NBC and FX, and worked with Debra Messing, Louis CK, and Joel & Ethan Coen. Sam is represented by Innovative Artists and managed by 3 Arts Entertainment. For more info, visit

Justin Matley

Justin Matley (Post-production): Justin is an award-winning audio engineer and sound designer who works on a plethora of TV, radio, internet, film, and experiential-based projects including major commercials, promos, industrials, animations, documentaries, and albums. An eleven-year industry veteran, the majority with one of NYC’s premier audio post facilities, Justin takes pride in being an excellent problem solver, team player, and creative executor. Justin also doubles as a producer and creative consultant, running his own production collective, Matley Productions, focused on integrated audio and video projects with a backbone in education and social awareness.

Amanda Rose Smith

Amanda Rose Smith (Post-production): Originally a musician, after earning a BA in Music Composition from Smith College, Amanda discovered that she loved recording as much as she loved composing, and moved to NYC where she completed a Masters Degree in Music Technology at New York University. Since then she's worked as a live sound engineer and at post production houses throughout the city. She's also been working as a dialogue engineer and voice director for over 8 years. She's worked on various projects in music, film, television, video games, audiobooks and commercials, including serving as an ADR engineer on season 2 of Netflix's "Orange Is The New Black" and dialogue editor for Telltale Games' "The Walking Dead: The Game". Amanda continues to compose music in addition to recording, loves most things Star Trek and scuba diving, and hopes to visit all seven continents before she dies.

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